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I know most of you have not heard from me in awhile. I plan on having monthly newsletters to inform you about health topics, where and when I’m speaking in Grand Junction and recipes.
I’m expanding my knowledge beyond being a personal trainer, exercise therapist and nutritionist, I’m attending school to be a Functional Medical Practitioner.

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Thanks to everyone that attended my Instant Pot class. We had over 85 people!

My next seminar is in the works and I will be sending out the topic, date and time soon!
Hope everyone can attend.I have attached a video that I Hope you all will take time to watch. The video talks about prescription medication produced over seas particularly high blood pressure medicine. But this made me wonder about other drugs that are prescribed to people I know and where these drugs are being manufactured. I did some of my own research.
From CBS This Morning an article written May 10 of this year, the FDA said “a generic medicine is the same as a brand-name medicine in dosage, safety, and quality.” But experts at the Cleveland Clinic have determined some generics aren’t a close – enough match for their comfort – that even a small variance in the drug may pose serious risks for some people.
Dave Davies from Fresh Air at American University Radio talked on how much consumers should worry about the safety of generic drugs. Davies said one drug investigator said that he thinks the concern is higher for people on maintenance medications who are taking these drugs day in and day out. Those drugs may have toxic impurities. Those can build up in your liver, you may not know it, or you may be having side effects that you didn’t think about before, and then you realize, “Wait a second I was switched to a different generic,” or “I was switched from a brand to a generic.”

So if you are on any medication please research to make sure it is safe and where it is manufactured. Talk with your doctor, ask questions, it’s your health! Know what you are putting in your body. It’s been proven that making better choices in food and movement can decrease many life threatening diseases.

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