What the Health Works

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dannette Fritzlan

Healing Through Functional Medicine

  • Tired of always being on a diet?
  • Sick of being tired and never having enough energy?
  • Overwhelmed with stress?
  • Fed up with fighting those nagging cravings?
  • Confused about all of the conflicting nutrition advice out there?
  • Want to feel great in your body?
  • Ready to accomplish your goals in a way that’s effective and long-lasting?

At What The Health Works our goal is to help you maximize what’s helpful, minimize what’s not and help you make changes that are both lasting and rewarding.

We get to the root cause of your health concerns, not simply treating your symptoms!

Most approaches to healthcare now a days use medications to band-aid symptoms. I teach my clients to make changes in their lives as we work together where that their symptoms can be relieved naturally and medications minimized. We will use the principles of functional medicine to get to the true underlying causes of your symptoms and health concerns.

Who can benefit from my services:

  • People with weight gain
  • Hormonal Issues
  • G.I. Issues
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • People that were told all your labs looks normal but you don’t feel normal.
  • People who might have general questions about health.

I am in no way claiming to be a physician. I do not diagnose or treat like physicians. I simply
have required extensive training to assist me in a unique way to assist the body with its innate
ability to heal.

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