Clients I Have Worked With

I thought to myself where has Dannette been my whole life! She helped with my digestive issues where I felt I could live again. She listened to all my concerns and suggested new ideas I was never even told about. 

Cathy I.

Working with Dannette has been an amazing journey. I have gained so much knowledge about my own body and how it needs to heal. I realized I could ask questions about my health and receive answers that truly helped.

Jody S.

I first started with a short program. After working with Dannette I learned she knew what she was talking about. My health got much better, I lost weight and my energy skyrocketed. I recommend her to everyone! 

Debra P.

I was told all my blood work was normal. Not still feeling well I did a lab review with Dannette she explained how certain lab markers could have me feeling the way I was feeling. She made some suggestions with my lifestyle and designed me a nutritional program that was easy to follow. 

Robert K.