Enter The Zone

Let us help you get into the best shape of your life!

Every day you come face to face with choices — crosses in the road …

You can make a choice to push toward the goal or retreat from the challenge! Just going through the motions and expecting a result is insane! Zone Fitness training will get you in the best shape of your life. We do not accept excuses! Every day, every moment dedicate everything you have to the pursuit of excellence and be able to look at yourself and truly know you gave all you had.

Can you agree to commit 100% of what you have?

Zone Fitness is a mobile gym. We come to you! Your home, work place or local park. We are dedicated to teaching our clients how to live a healthy life. We provide training in an environment that welcomes everyone at their personal level by teaching functional and practical movement patterns used in everyday life.

We now also have a small studio for people that do not want to train at home. We are located at 2526 Patterson Road, Suite 100 Grand Junction, CO. Call for more details.

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The one hour of exercise is the easy part.

It’s the other 23 hours that are hard in our day!