Corporate Wellness

The Corporate Wellness program allows business to promote better with their employees. Zone Fitness assesses each participant on an individual basis and designs a group program allowing each person to achieve their fitness goal.

  • Each training is taught by certified personal trainer Dannette Fritzlan.
  • Classes are designed to keep the trainer/participant ratio small. Zone Fitness limits each of their classes to 10 participants. This allows the personal trainer the ability to work with each participant individually, thus minimizing the chances of injury and promoting a completely safe environment where participants can achieve their goals.
  • Participants can achieve results faster than working out on their own.
  • Two, 1-hour training sessions per week.
  • Pre-, mid-, and post-body assessments on each participant.
  • With a three-month program, you get discounted monthly fees and Facebook access and emails for exercises, health information and recipes.
  • Seminars such as “Label Reading,” “Why Diets Don’t Work,” and a variety of other health/fitness topics which can be scheduled for employees.

Available to help employees develop a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. Call 970-985-0206 for more information


Health care costs in this country have increased by double digits each year for over a decade. The biggest driver of increasing health care costs — by a five-fold factor — is lifestyle.
For companies large and small, health insurance expenses are an enormous and unpredictable burden. While we can’t control our employees’ lifestyle, we have made training at Zone Fitness available to our people and spouses who are on our insurance.
The results are real, and we see them in our health insurance premiums. Zone Fitness provides a challenging fitness experience for anyone, regardless of fitness level or ability. Water cooler chatter in our building involves as much talk about Zone Fitness as Broncos and weekends. Zone Fitness and Dannette Fritzlan are contributing to a cultural change here. We haven’t completely ended the boxes of donuts in the newsroom, but we’re making progress.
Jay Seaton

Publisher, The Daily Sentinel