For a number of us, the problem of being over weight has nothing to do with calories or exercise. Our hormones can be misfiring.

We already know that thyroid and insulin imbalances cause some weight-affecting hormone issues. We also have other hormones in our body that if not under control makes it hard to lose weight and or keep it off. I’m going to talk about 2 different hormones that has seem to be a problem with a lot of my clients and with my knowledge and explaining what is happening in their body started losing weight.
The leptin hormone triggers us to be hungry and tells the brain that you’re full. Too much leptin swells the appetite making it hard to put the fork down!
Eating to much processed foods with added sugar, the liver has a hard time using the extra as fuel, converting it into fats known as triglycerides causing you to store fat. With having to much leptin in your body the brain misses the signal that you’re full. Which causes you to continue to keep eating and you gain weight.
Cortisol is a hormone we produce in response to stress, the flight or flee. If we are under stress 24/7 this elevates our cortisol, causing the waistline to increase. Excessive cortisol causes us to crave sweets and carbs, which can lead to overeating and constant hunger. Too much cortisol breaks down muscle tissue for energy, causing it harder to loss weight. The lower muscle mass you have, the metabolism slows down and the more fat you’ll gain. High cortisol levels is known for depression causing more weight gain.
Many people struggle with weight issues. To balance hormones has helped many people finally get their weight under control. With the right program, learning when and what to eat for your body since we are all individuals and knowledge of a nutritionist/health coach it’s possible to lose unwanted weight and keep it off permanently.